How it Works

First select the items you want to rent and hen select the dates and times you need them for. After that you simply make your payment that includes a FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit of $100. That’s it! We handle the rest!

Once your rentals are reserved, we will contact you to confirm everything. We will then ask you for the location WE ARE DELIVERING YOUR RENTALS to. The location must be your hotel room (preferred) or destination of choice within the Las Vegas Valley! Upon delivery, we will ask you whether you need any instructions on how to properly use the items. We also include a quick tutorial place card just in case. At that point you’re good to consume!

Remember to keep your items in good condition to avoid any fees. It’s totally ok that they get dirty! Just don’t get any chips, cracks or stains on anything and you will get your deposit back IN FULL. You do not have to do any cleaning, that’s our job! However, if you are renting out a dab rig with a quartz banger, you’ll need to at least dunk the banger in the provided iso-Clean dunk tank in between dabs so that you don’t chazz the banger. If chazzed, you will forfeit a portion of your deposit.

Shortly before the rental period comes to an end, we will contact you again to confirm when WE ARE PICKING UP THE ITEMS from your destination. Upon arrival we will perform a quick inspection of the items and return your deposit as long as everything is in the same condition that you received it in (minus cleaning of course).


Q: Do you offer rides to and from the airport?

A: Yes! When we contact you to confirm your booking, let us know and we can arrange everything. There will be a fee similar to UBER/LYFT each way and you’ll get your rentals (plus the ability to consume) much faster!

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my rentals?

A: As long as you cancel with us 48 hours or more before your rental starts you will receive your deposit back IN FULL. Any cancellation within the 48 hour window will be an automatic forfeit of your deposit.

Q: Do you provide any discounts?

A: Yes! If you post your rental on social media showcasing what you’re doing, we will offer you $10 off each day that you post it! This only applies to full kit rentals, not individual items. Are you a veteran? Let us know and we will give you $5 off per day on rentals of full kits only. If upgradeable items are available during your rental period, we will upgrade you for free!

Q: If I break, damage or chazz my rentals, how do you determine the amount of my deposit that you’re keeping?

A: We will keep full retail price of the items in question up to the $100 you deposited. You are also charged for the entire rental period no matter what point in time the incident occurred. Bangers, torches and batteries are all under $100 retail. Glass, temp readers and electronic rigs are all over $100 for reference.

Q: Can you link me up with a local supplier?

A: NO! We are HAPPY to help you navigate the market here but WE DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE cannabis products.

Q: I have more questions because this is the first time I’ve ever heard of such a thing! How do I get more info?

A: We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have! While this may be a new service/idea, we have been field testing this long enough to know how to properly conduct this business at a professional level. We are a licensed business and take this fun concept very seriously!